how to do in Stockholm?

12touristIf you come in Sthlm and you cannot hide your analog passion.. you really should know some checkpoints are not going to blight you! I think the best place ever, storically, technically, qualitatively and olso cash-friendly (…) is Svenska Kort, hornsgatan, in the middle of söder (where else??),!

I’m usual to develop there my films, its the best price around sthlm.. “only” 50kr color development, 60kr in B/W and 90kr for the E6 development.. Is probably twice the italian price I’m usual but, believe me, here is really not bad.

And than critical moment, you developed your shoot and you wanna print them. ohhh..

Here is really

My suggestion is (afterscanning) to postproduct a bit your photos, create a 10×15 file and print them at the crappy machine for some kronar.. mmm.. Actually I think the best two are in Herculesgatan and Sveavägen.. Both pretty in the city center. yo.

Finally.. You really wanna buy analogical stuff?? As you probably know Stockholm is ABSOLUTELY FILL with second hand shop, vintage market and so on… I will definitely suggest you STOCKHOLMS STADSMISSION for second hand camera but even  RödaKorset shop, every sofo vintage shop and Svenska Kort as well. Branded new camera are large available in gamla stan photo shops and of course online…

but yess… If you come here contact me guys and I will be REALLY happy to help you!

so much love, enjoy anal!

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